The Infinitas Writers Group

We're a Sydney-based group of science fiction and fantasy writers, who review each other's work so we can improve our craft. We include authors who are self-published, traditionally published, and those still on their publishing journey.

We are looking for writers who are serious about getting published: if you've done courses;  read a lot of materials on how to write; shared and critiqued work with writing communities;  have submitted work to editors, publishers, or agents, then come along to one of our meetings so you can see how we work. If you're a beginner, or just writing as a hobby and sharing work with family and friends, you might find a community writers group more suited to your needs.  



You MUST be competent with spelling, grammar, and punctuation. This is a basic expectation for anyone serious about writing. If you struggle in these areas, there are courses available online, at community colleges, and organisations like Writing NSW. (Using Grammarly is not enough.) We will not review stories that are riddled with errors.


Don't be lazy! This means, don't post a rough draft without bothering to review it, rewrite it, or polish it. Write the best work you can so the writers group can pick up on the things you missed. If you already know there are things wrong with your story, fix those things before posting.


While members may not always agree with the feedback they receive from others, it pays to take it on board — especially if a number of members have highlighted the same problems in your work. If you don't find the group's feedback helpful, don't just ignore it and keep posting — that is not a good investment of our time and energy. Find another group.    


Make sure you know how to walk before you run. Some people read widely and are able to pick up novel writing very quickly, but many others need to hone their craft on shorter works first: you learn much faster from twelve short stories in a year than one novel.
If you are eager to embark on your massive series of epic novels set in an expansive universe with a multitude of characters but you haven't figured out how it all fits together, and you don't understand what a story arc is, then you should absolutely start with short stories to improve your storytelling skills.

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