Sunday 25th August 2019

About the next meeting, whether it's running, where, when... Are you going?
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Sunday 25th August 2019

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The Sunday 25th August 2019 meeting will be held from 12pm to 2pm-ish in the Shakespeare Hotel at 200 Devonshire Street in Surry Hills, which is about 5-10 minutes walk from Central station.

Come into the bar and head upstairs! We'll have our own room, unless there's another football game on or something.

There may or may not be a working tram by the end of August. Surprise! I've seen trams in testing, so currently you can enjoy the risk of being run over without the convenience of being able to catch one yet.

Here is a handy Google map.

Post into this thread about this meeting. Eg, whether or not you can come along, whether you need your arm twisted to finish that new story in time, etc.
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