How to register, subscribe, or get forum help

Who we are and why, how to register, how things work.
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How to register, subscribe, or get forum help

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You can contact the board administrator via our Google form.


Guests can read this board (except for Monthly Workshops and Member Archive), but in order to post and contribute, you must register by clicking on 'register' at the top of the screen. Choose a username and password.

Once you are registered, you will be able to see and access the Monthly Workshops forum where work is posted and commented upon, but you will not yet be able to post your own stories. You need to attend at least one meeting first, and then the admin (me) can give you full access.

(We had to get strict on this as a number of people posted stories to the forum and then simply disappeared, without bothering to comment on other people's stories or coming to a meeting. Our time and energy are finite, so we want to invest these in writers who will actually commit to attending and commenting.)

Once you have full access, you will also be able to see the Member Archive. Some members post novels a chapter or two at a time, and the Member Archive allows them to put their previously workshopped chapters and outline in one place to allow newer members to catch up. Please note that the Member Archive is NOT for new or unseen work.


If you want easy notifications for new posts, then go to: for the RSS feed.

If you are using Chrome, you can use the RSS feed plugin here so that notifications appear at the top right of your browser.


If you are stuck and need information on how to use this forum, try clicking on the 'FAQ' button at the top right, next to 'Members'.

If you are still stuck or something is broken, either reply to this topic, or click on my username (noemz) and then click on 'send a private message' to let me know.
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